The first thing you're probably wondering is "who the hell is Maddox, and what does he know about manliness?" A legitimate, but stupid question. To answer you, I would refer you to the following:

Pictured to the above left is a photo of how I look when I get up in the morning before shaving. To the right is a photo of how I look after. Not only do I grow a thicker beard minutes later, but I get a unibrow as well. Still not convinced? Test your manliness detection skills by guessing which part of my body is in the photo below (click on the picture to find out):

About the book

This book is all about men and what men like. It's written like a reference book, read like a bible. Some parts of the book will be instructional, like a "how-to" guide. Ever wanted to know the steps to drop-kicking someone in the face? You bet your ass you have, and I will tell you how in my book. Other parts of the book will serve to document personal instances of manliness, giving you insight into the reason women from miles around migrate to my man cannon (hint: it's to get banged). I have manliness down to a science. In fact, this book can be expressed mathematically by the following theorem:

Manliness →
Books = The Alphabet of Manliness

Yes, you read that correctly. I invoked calculus to sell you a book about manliness. Every letter of the alphabet stands for sheer masculinity. For example, "A" is for Ass Kicking, "B" is for Boners, "C" is for "Copping a Feel," etc. From the manliest food to the manliest music, if it needs to be shaved, beaten, or sexed, there's a good chance it'll be in this book.

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