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Angelo Vildasol was born on December 1st, 1979 In Phoenix, AZ and has been drawing ever since he figured out how to use a pencil. He's spent most of his creative career as a graphic designer but plans on breaking into the entertainment industry as a full time illustrator or music composer. Eventually he plans on going back to college to get his PhD in physics and BS in engineering. He can be found at

From deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, Bryan Douglas draws comics and hates communists. He works with his talented wife and colorist, Selah. Bryan's work has appeared in Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival and Following Cerebus. Find him on the web at and

Jim Moore studied drawing and painting at various schools across the country, ending at Ringling School of Art and design. Moore graduated in 2000 and since then, divides his time between working in the games industry, doing silly drawings like the ones in this book, and pretending to be a serious artist. More of Jim's art can be found at

John Petersen graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor's in Scientific Illustration, and is working to become a freelance illustrator. He is writing and illustrating a new comic series called Scatterbrain and has started a webcomic called Drunks (, in which readers can submit their own drinking stories for comic adaptation. He lives and works in Ames, Iowa as a computer animator. Check out his personal site at

Justina was born in California, and grew up in Washington State. Her parents are both painters. As a teenager in Seattle, she got involved in the punk scene, and did artwork for various bands and publications from Alaska, Canada, and Washington. She didn't make any money, but to her, promoting music and ideas is more important. She's always been fascinated with advertising, and most of the work she's done for people has been some form of ad art. She enjoys using art to illustrate controversial topics, and has has mastered the female art form. Reach her at

Leah graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in illustration/Design. While on campus she produced a daily comic strip, Sauce, for 3 1/2 years and interned at Marvel Comics. She has been on The Arizona Daily Star's staff as a Graphic Artist since October 2003. Tiscione met Maddox in a Sunoco station Women's restroom in Utah in August, 2004. As soon as he unzipped, she immediately recognized him and the two collaborated on "The Best Comic Book in the Universe," right then and there. She does a wide variety of freelance on her spare time, some of which can be found here:

Louis "Pox" Fernet-Leclair lives in French Canada, near Ottawa. He was born in 1985 and has been promoting deforestation all his life by drawing on mass amounts of cheap paper. Louis can't get enough 80's music and spend too much time online. He's been working on a lot of Internet projects in recent years, mostly for and, where he drew up the adventures of a character named Pickleman. There's even a print version available, which he is particularly fond of.

He came, he ate, he drew stuff. That's all there is to know about Tom Pollock Jr. Born and raised in New Jersey he developed a taste for action movies and bacon cheeseburgers. An Honors Graduate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2005, he's now a full time illustrator and animator. Specializing in Concept and Sequential Art, Tom's artistic skills aren't limited to the 2D realm. Check out Tom's badass animation at
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